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Make Safe Purchases - and Avoid Fraud
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A few tips to help keep your online transactions as safe as possible.
Submitted By admin on 07/07/31

While buying on Safarri; the optimum scenario is to find local items, inspect them personally, and purchase them on the spot.

Safarri is specially designed to help you find items locally. When the item you are interested in isn't local however, here are some tips to help encourage a successful transaction: 



Use a payment method with fraud protection:

  • Escrow: Good - Using an escrow service (such as Escrow.com) is the safest way for a buyer and seller to complete a transaction. For all transactions above $500, and for all situations where you feel uncertain about a seller, escrow is a great idea.

  • C.O.D: Good - Some shipping services offer Cash On Delivery, providing buyers the ability to pay when they receive the item from the seller. The buyer pays the shipping company at the time of delivery, then that payment is sent to the seller. C.O.D is slightly less desirable than escrow, especially in situations when the buyer doesn't have a chance to inspect the item before paying.

  • Payment Service (such as PayPal): Okay - Many sellers and buyers use payment services, which allow sellers to accept credit cards, checks, and money orders online - making it convenient for buyers to keep their payment information private. We suggest contacting your preferred payment service to learn what forms of protection they offer.

  • Credit Cards: Okay - Many credit cards offer a 60-day or better protection for online purchases. If you wish to protect your credit card number, many services (such as VISA, Discover, and American Express) offer temporary numbers to make one-time purchases online. Please contact your credit card company to find out how they can protect you with online purchases.

  • Postal Money Order: Poor - If you are within the US and must pay by money order, we suggest using a postal money order. Because these money orders are issued by the US Postal Service, any fraudulent activity can be investigated by the US Postal Inspection Service. However, while inspectors may have the ability to investigate and prosecute, they do not have the ability to provide a refund for your loss.

  • Wire transfers: Bad - Do not send money through a wire transfer, Money Gram, or a bank transfer. It cannot be tracked, and you have no protection at all. If someone asks you to pay for an item using a wire transfer, there is a very large chance that you are witnessing a fraud.


Know what you are buying:

The old saying, "Buyer Beware," holds true in any purchasing situation. Before making an offer to a seller, ask questions to learn more about what they are selling.

In particular, be careful when purchasing high-tech goods. Certain high-end items such as flat-panel displays, notebook computers, and cell phones are likely targets for scammers. In many cases, it's appropriate to ask for a serial number before sending payment.


Track and insure your shipment:

Most major shipping companies allow people to track shipments while they are in transit. We recommended getting a tracking number from the seller, so you can monitor your item in transit. Make sure you are familiar with the seller's shipper, and be aware that there are fake shipping companies on the web which pretend to track a false shipment.


Have fun making safe purchases with Safarri! 

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