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Simplified home page, Craigslist integration
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Submitted By admin on 09/01/07
Safarri, new features  

Though I have been focusing on other projects of late, Safarri is certainly still on the radar!
I just greatly simplified the home page, which is now much cleaner and more focused. I also added a "Craigslist html generator" to the listing marketing page. Now you can effortlessly post your Safarri ads to Craigslist for extra exposure - and they even incorporate all your full size Safarri hosted listing pictures.
From This:
Safarri Home Page Before Redesign
To This:
Safarri Home Page After Redesign
And last but not least, the "Shiny Boxes" are now custom ATIServer template elements instead of just an image as in the previous design - so now I can incorporate them on any page just like all the other box styles.
Oh yes - and all the "skin" images for Safarri's default skin are now 32 bit alphatransparent .png files - which look crisper, and can be draped over any background color with equal grace. I hope to soon be adding customizable skins for Safarri stores and PlexPedia groups.

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The simplified home page is much less confusi
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Posted 2009/01/08 - 1:35 GMT
The simplified home page is much less confusing than the old one.  I like it:-)

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