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Make your vote count!
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The lesser of two evils... is still evil.
Submitted By admin on 08/11/03
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From Aubrey - to my Friends, Fans, and Foes;

(Specifically those of you inhabiting the Unites States of America)


With the presidential elections near at hand, I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts with you on the important civic duty of voting. I want to encourage you to vote for principle, and not to waste your vote on a candidate that would horrify our founding fathers.

Yes, game theory is important. In certain cases, I agree that it could make sense to cast a vote for someone that isn't your first choice to help prevent someone that would be your last choice from becoming the president. But in my opinion, arguments like the above have no place in discussions regarding this election.

As far as anyone can tell, Obama may not be a natural born citizen of the USA, and would therefore be constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of president. Both Obama and McCain have contemptible positions on the sanctity of human life. Neither Obama nor McCain have any respect for the 2nd amendment - or the rest of the constitution, for that matter. Listen to them debate - they have few things to offer besides socialism and meaningless, empty mantras of "change" and "straight talk".


As many of you know, I have long supported Ron Paul - and although he has switched gears to the Campaign for Liberty, Chuck Baldwin is now carrying Paul's banner.

I honestly don't expect to see a "third party" candidate win the election - but by voting for someone you can truly support, you can at least have a clear conscience that you weren't a party to one small step in the gradual demise of our once-great republic.


Below is a short video I produced nearly a year ago.
Before you cast your vote this year, please take a minute to consider the implications of the course you are taking.





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                    5. (by slanky on 08/11/04)why vote when its not a real Democrosy.
                      1. (by admin on 08/11/04)Democracy?
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